The code is published (April 30, 2012)

  1. The content indexing system we created which uses the National Libray of Medicine's UMLS - we are using an old version of Metamap and we want to convert to the newest version before we put this feature up on github
  2. The LDAP authentication system is not yet ready - it needs to be made more generic so that it can be more easily be customized.
  3. The tool, TUSKDoc, that converts a document created in Microsoft Word into XMLand then converts it for display in HTML with semantic markup was not yet ready for publication.
  4. There is a bug in the course evaluation system that we are working on
  5. Finally, the tool that converts Microsoft PowerPoint files into images is not published. This uses shareware software and it too is not ready for publication

Download TUSK from github at the following link:

Link to the Installation Instructions

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